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How Sex Chat Apps Are Changing The Internet

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Sex chat is a fantastic way to understand new people, explore fantasies and even learn from others. It can also help you to understand yourself. The great thing about online dates is that you can get to know someone in a safe private place.

If you are looking for a new experience or you are just looking to meet new people, online sex chat may be the answer. If you do decide to start using sex chat, try to find a good site. Here are a few of the reasons why you should try online sex chat.

Make Meetups Safe

The internet makes it easy to find people who share common interests. Indeed, even the more unscrupulous sections of the web are generally safe. You can meet interesting new people, learn new things and meet people with similar interests to yours. You can even make new friends, and you can arrange to meet up with your new friends when it suits you both. Most importantly, you can meet people you wouldn’t meet in a regular encounter. This is because the internet makes it difficult for anyone to find out where you are and what you are doing online.

Meet New People

When you go online and look for sex chat apps, you will find that you will be able to meet up with a range of people. Indeed, it is possible to save the profiles of people who interest you, or you can download a variety of different chat apps. In addition, you will find that you can easily arrange meetings with many people you would never meet in person. Take an interest in different people, and you will soon discover why people keep coming back to online chat.

Explore Your Fantasies

Since online sex chat is safe, you will be able to communicate with other people without being judged. This means that you can share things you are not able to share in person. You can go on long or short conversations with people, and you will soon notice that this helps you to explore your fantasies. As you explore different things online, you may be amazed at how different people are, and you may find that people are very open. It is also possible to take part in role plays, so you can explore things you would never be able to explore in person.

Learn About Yourself

To date people in person is great when you are looking for a new relationship. While you may be able to meet new people, you will often be one of a number of people who then go their separate ways. Online sex chat, on the other hand, is a great place to meet other people. Here, you can chat to as many people as you like, and you can chat at your convenience. What’s more, you can read the experiences of other people. Doing this, you will soon discover new things about yourself.

Online sex chat is easy to use

Since most people who engage in online sex chat are seeking new experiences, you will find that online sex chat is easy to use. Unlike a lot of other forms of online interaction, you will rarely be required to provide any information in order to log in. Instead, you will usually be given a site that is easy to use. This means that many people find online sex chat easy to communicate with other people. Indeed, as you explore different chat apps, you will find that you can use them to chat to people you would never meet in person.

Of course, there are a few online sex chat apps that are not easy to use. Indeed, there are some that are very complicated and there are others that are very basic. As you browse through different apps, you will notice that the more simple apps are generally the better ones. This is because many people are not used to using the more complicated ones. Thus, if you are looking to start using online sex chat, you will want to find a chat app that is easy to use.

Is online sex chat a good idea for you?

People who use online sex chat apps will find that it is a great way to meet new people. However, it is worth bearing in mind that the internet isn’t always safe, and you should only use sites with a good reputation. The internet also offers people a great way to learn about others – this can help you to understand and explore yourself. You should also bear in mind that it is possible to meet people who share your interests. Of course, you should only use internet sites that are safe. You should not use a site that asks you to provide personal data.

The Truth About Adult TikTok

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With major adult industry leaders jocking for position in the new adult TikTok space, it’s hard to know which adult TikTok apps are worth your time. Here’s the truth about the adult TikTok versions hitting the market soon.

The Truth About Adult TikTok

As a history major in college, one of my favorite professors was Mr. Alfred Kinsey. He was very into the ever-so-fragile topic of “coital frequency” (having sex more than once a week). When he presented his findings on human mating rituals to his class in 1948, he stood on a desk and towered over his little grad students who peppered him with questions, which he fielded. He also wore a fedora and would play some variation of “He’s a real sport!” by Connie Francis on his portable record player. As time went on, my own budding sex life found a lot of disappointment in short-term hookups who failed to live up to those expectations and continued to fail to carry out their side of the original hookup agreement.

Why the Adult TikTok market is still booming

When Snapchat started to become mainstream, its stock rose quickly, but its identity wasn’t fully defined. However, with TikTok, TikTok Inc. has carefully chosen people like Judy Greer and Kate Upton as TikTok ambassadors and is bringing in paid content to the app. Snapchat had never tried to gain the $1 billion it sought, so it wasn’t clear what TikTok users would actually want. It turns out that they are clearly interested in pop culture, music and a wide range of lifestyle content. Who are the top players in the adult TikTok market? While major artists and brands have gained steam, the adult TikTok apps are still surging with users. With most of them available in the App Store or Play Store, download numbers can be tracked on the respective apps themselves.

The Truth About Adult TikTok and why you should care

Adult TikTok apps aren’t new. For years, users could upload and watch videos of nudes, sex tapes, and porn in the younger-skewing teen version of TikTok called TikTok Kids. When Apple and Google recently instituted stricter rules against adult content, it looked like that time had finally come to an end. But some leading adult content producers have now launched their own adult versions of TikTok. The big ones have been launched by Pornhub, AdultSwim, and iHorny. They’re getting ready to go live soon and the names of the other adult TikTok apps launching soon are coming out. Adult Swim and VIZ Media are releasing their own adult TikTok apps soon, while Bustle is said to be close to releasing one as well.

The Truth About Adult TikTok and what you should be doing about it

Adult versions of the Google-owned video sharing site have arrived to much surprise, with major adult industry brands such as Hitcents and Chaturbate jumping in on the action. But what makes these TikTok apps legitimate adult video channels and should you be in on the action? Well, it is true that TikTok has an adult user base, and these apps have taken advantage of this with the many parody apps that have surfaced to try and reach the TikTok users looking to get the famous booty pop dance. Some even have questionable content on them, like Pornhub’s TikTok parody, called TikTok X Pornhub, which only gained around 8,000 views on YouTube. Some of the adult-themed TikTok spinoffs can be found here.


The truth is out there. Whether it’s because Hollywood hates the success of Candy Crush and Pokémon Go, or there’s a wave of nostalgia for the apps from a certain period of time, we’re starting to see a market for adult-themed TikTok apps. In other words, if you’re looking for TikTok apps for the adults in your life, you’re going to have to dig.

Interview with AMEX

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Tens of thousands of people are descending on Austin, Texas, this weekend for South by Southwest (or SXSW for those in the know), a nine-day stretch of festivals and conferences designed to highlight the hottest new entrants in the world of music, film, and technology.

Dozens of tech startups launch every year at SXSW Interactive, the technology portion of the event (March 8-12) and usually one or two stand out from the crowd. (Foursquare launched there in 2009, and now has 20 million users.)

Now everyone wants to know what the next Foursquare or Twitter will be. We caught up with the founders of two startups, Jake Banks of Hater and Praneeth Patlola and Zack Biderman of Jobhuk, to learn more about their imminent SXSW launches. Could they be this year’s breakout stars?

Tell us about your companies.
Jake Banks:
 Hater is an app that functions just like Instagram, except instead of posting things you like, you post things you hate. Friends can follow you and hate what you hate too. The app [still pending Apple App Store approval] allows you to pull photos off the Web, filter your photos, then write text on pictures expressing your hatred for things like politicians, traffic jams and annoying celebrities.

Praneeth Patlola: Jobhuk is a crowdsourcing platform designed to help employers find the best prospects for jobs by offering a finder’s fee to anyone who refers them to the successful candidate. Anyone can respond, not just recruiters, and share job postings with their social networks. The service is designed to make it easy and profitable to post and refer people to jobs.
Why do you think your company will shine among so many other startup launches?

JB: Hater is just a great idea. It is a very simple idea and one that is needed in the social media landscape. There is nothing like it.

Zack Biderman: We have a great way to monetize our company [employers pay Jobhuk when a job is landed]. A lot of entrepreneurs have good ideas and users, but don’t have ways to make money. We will be making money from day one.

Are you nervous about launching your company at such a massive event?
JB: Nah, I’m not nervous; I’m excited. I just want to see how people will use the app, how people will react to it.
PP: We are excited, especially about the crowd at SXSW. Most people will be early adopters. They are looking for early stage startups, so it is a perfect place for us to be.

Other than launching your company, what else do you want to get out of SXSW?
 My goal is to make people aware of the app, the brand, what we are about and what Hater does. I’d also like to meet people who can help me develop the product. I’m looking to bring on an international team to build out the platform in Europe.

 Our goal is to get as many employers to post as many jobs as possible during the festival. As soon as we have that, we think the popularity of the service will spread.


What advice can you offer other entrepreneurs launching at a big event like SXSW?
 Try not to plan every day down to the minute. Some of the best meetings you will have will be in the elevator of a hotel. Don’t be stressed to meet all the right people.

 Be receptive to feedback. It’s always good to refine your story. 

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Katie Morell is an independent journalist based in San Francisco. She regularly contributes to Hemispheres, USA Today, Consumers Digest, Destination Weddings & Honeymoons, Crain’s Chicago Business, and others.

Hate List – Part 2

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Social Network:

Don’t you hate it when your parents post on your wall?

I hate Facebook friends that post pictures of food, or selfies, and especially people that post 20 times a day! HATE IT.

Bad Service:

I hate when I have to wait 20 minutes for a table but they keep saying 5 minutes.

I hate when a waiter forgets what I order. I hate it when I can’t get a decent cup of coffee.


I hate when someone cuts me off. I hate when there is so much traffic I am late for work.

I hate speeding tickets, drivers tests, DUI Checkpoints, I hate being behind a slow a driver. I hate it when I cannot find parking. I hate meter maids.


Bieberfever, I hate when celebrities tweet sponsored ads, I hate when celebrities mash their names together tomcat, Kimye, bennifer, etc.

I hate when celebrities get arrested again and again. I hate reality tv personalities who are celebrities.


Hate missing my flight because of long security lines. I hate rude flight attendants. I hate dirty, smelly, taxis.

‘Hate when my seat is right next to the bathroom. I hate people who bring smelly food on the plane. Hate people who kick my seat.

Hate List – Part 1

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Annoying People:

Hate my mon always texting me. Hate ex’s that stalk me and get caught.

Hate my Spanish teacher. Hate sales girls who are pushy. Hate used car salesmen. Hate pick up lines at Starbucks.


I hate first dates. Bad breath doesn’t bother. The girl who wears too much makeup. Hate when guys check out other girls at dinner… it’s always obvious.

Hate girls who text the whole time. Hate being set up by married friends. Hate having to try countless different dating apps. Hate having to write my dating profile, HATE IT!


I hate sideburns and true religion. I hate men who wear moms jeans.

Women who wear yoga paintsall day every day. Bad highlights, camo, heeled sneakers. I hate Canadia Tuxedos.


I hate the dress code, I hate the popular kids, the jocks, and the nerds. I hate crowded hallways. I hate bullies!

I hate friends who want to be cool. I hate it when my teacher gives us a lot of homework over the weekend. I hate how everyone is so phony in school.

Hate For Good:

Use Hater to create awareness for a cause. I hate the fact 14 million children suffer from hunger. I hate cancer! I hate when the local factory dumps toxic materials in the drain.

I hate the fact that over 30 thousand people die from gun violence every year in the US.

Hater Press

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Dear fellow Haters: We had a very successful launch at SXSW, it is proven everybody has something they LOVE to HATE. Check out some of the press we’ve received over the past few days. MashableYahoo! News, Digital Trends, and LA Times.

Thank you to everybody who has downloaded Hater 1.0… an update is coming very soon to the APP STORE .