Hate List – Part 1

Annoying People:

Hate my mon always texting me. Hate ex’s that stalk me and get caught.

Hate my Spanish teacher. Hate sales girls who are pushy. Hate used car salesmen. Hate pick up lines at Starbucks.


I hate first dates. Bad breath doesn’t bother. The girl who wears too much makeup. Hate when guys check out other girls at dinner… it’s always obvious.

Hate girls who text the whole time. Hate being set up by married friends. Hate having to try countless different dating apps. Hate having to write my dating profile, HATE IT!


I hate sideburns and true religion. I hate men who wear moms jeans.

Women who wear yoga paintsall day every day. Bad highlights, camo, heeled sneakers. I hate Canadia Tuxedos.


I hate the dress code, I hate the popular kids, the jocks, and the nerds. I hate crowded hallways. I hate bullies!

I hate friends who want to be cool. I hate it when my teacher gives us a lot of homework over the weekend. I hate how everyone is so phony in school.

Hate For Good:

Use Hater to create awareness for a cause. I hate the fact 14 million children suffer from hunger. I hate cancer! I hate when the local factory dumps toxic materials in the drain.

I hate the fact that over 30 thousand people die from gun violence every year in the US.