Hate List – Part 2

Social Network:

Don’t you hate it when your parents post on your wall?

I hate Facebook friends that post pictures of food, or selfies, and especially people that post 20 times a day! HATE IT.

Bad Service:

I hate when I have to wait 20 minutes for a table but they keep saying 5 minutes.

I hate when a waiter forgets what I order. I hate it when I can’t get a decent cup of coffee.


I hate when someone cuts me off. I hate when there is so much traffic I am late for work.

I hate speeding tickets, drivers tests, DUI Checkpoints, I hate being behind a slow a driver. I hate it when I cannot find parking. I hate meter maids.


Bieberfever, I hate when celebrities tweet sponsored ads, I hate when celebrities mash their names together tomcat, Kimye, bennifer, etc.

I hate when celebrities get arrested again and again. I hate reality tv personalities who are celebrities.


Hate missing my flight because of long security lines. I hate rude flight attendants. I hate dirty, smelly, taxis.

‘Hate when my seat is right next to the bathroom. I hate people who bring smelly food on the plane. Hate people who kick my seat.